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Floc Panel

Premier acoustic panels made from needle punched New Zealand strong-wool.


[flok] noun
A premier wool acoustic panel that is strong, resilient, innovative and brings together all the goodness of Aotearoa, into commercial spaces.

100% Wool Acoustic Panels

100% New Zealand strong-wool
Sizes: 1200x2400mm & 1200x2700mm
Ceiling Tile Sizes: 1200x600mm & 600x600mm
Thickness: 8-10mm
Weight: 1.4kg/m² (1400gsm)
Colours: Available in a range of neutrals and natural dyed wool. Any custom CMYK colours are printable onto white panels.
Patterns: Choose a pattern from our collections or provide your own vector file.
Fire Performance: Group 1-S
Acoustic absorption: NRC 0.4

Pending NZ Patent App. No. 788814

A biodegradable and compostable natural product.

Truly Renewable.

Floc harnesses the sustainable nature of wool, enhancing its performance for the built environment. At end of life it can be returned to the earth as the product is fully compostable. Made from 100% New Zealand born, grown and processed strong-wool, utilising the by-product of shearing to create a sustainable wall lining.

Custom Floc.

Customise your Floc with available prints from our collections, or design your own which can be CMYK printed on our natural white panels. If supplying bespoke patterns, we recommend using repeatable or seamless patterns to ensure continuity between panels, and provide a layout drawing of the finished pattern. Patterns are to be supplied as vector graphics, with CMYK of your desired colour. Images to be supplied as high res jpgs.

Contact us for further details on our curated collections.

Floc & Flames.

Achieving Group 1-S, Floc Panel provides a considered, natural and safe acoustic wall lining for interior environments. Through extensive research and development, Floc has a clever, natural addition to the lanolin rich strong wool- allowing the product to gain Group 1-S status.

When compared to it’s polyester counterpart- Floc’s performance is progressive. Floc releases little heat, produces less smoke than synthetic fibres and results in a charred state- where synthetics catch light and melt away from the flame.

Please note both products shown achieve a Group 1-S rating.

Send us a sample request and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Printed Floc
Floc Installed in Boadroom
Naturally Dyed Colour Range
New Zealand Strongwool