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[flok] noun
Premier wool acoustic panels that are strong, resilient, innovative and brings together all the goodness of Aotearoa, into commercial spaces.


Why wool?

Floc harnesses the natural, forgiving attributes of wool and brings this indoors to support the New Zealand strong-wool market.

By selecting fibres which encompass our sought after performance, we produce a wall covering that is strong, purer white, less fluffy, and durable. The fibrous nature of wool lends itself perfectly to an acoustic application. Wool has the ability to absorb sound while enhancing the interior environment by its unique and inherent ability to regulate temperature; excellent properties for busy workspaces.

We have refined and developed Floc to meet increased fire performance. Despite the common conception that ‘wool doesn’t burn’, its raw performance in interior fire tests is less than desirable. With some natural additions, we have enhanced the properties of wool to increase the fire performance and meet New Zealand Building Code standards with a Group 1-S status.

“the most exciting innovation for NZ strong wool that I have seen in a long time..”

Tom O’Sullivan, Chairman, Campaign for Wool (NZ).

Born, grown, processed and manufactured in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a strong association with wool. Our 26 million sheep bred specifically to grow the finest fibres are used for clothing and interior textiles.

By supporting the strong-wool market, designing interior products which create value with New Zealand grown, made and manufactured items, the value for our wool increases. Our climate allows the wool to be more consistent, whiter and in larger volumes than sheep in other parts of the world.


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