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Born in Aotearoa, made for the world.

“New Zealand strong-wool is exceptional. It’s part of NZ’s national identity. It’s a critical element in the national economy.
And it’s at the centre of life for countless NZ families- their histories, and their futures.”
Ideo Consumer Insights.

Born in New Zealand

New Zealand has a strong association with wool. Our 26 million sheep bred specifically to grow the finest fibres are used for clothing and interior textiles.

New Zealanders’ care about the environment, and being accountable for the textiles we surround ourselves with isn’t excluded from our respect for the land. By supporting the strong-wool market, designing interior products which create value with New Zealand grown, made and manufactured items, the value for our wool increases. Our climate allows the wool to be more consistent, whiter and in larger volumes than sheep in other parts of the world.

New Zealand strong-wool. The raw material used for Floc Wool Acoustic Panels.

Born to be exceptional

It is no news that wool is overflowing with desirable qualities. As yet, no one has been able to synthetically reproduce the properties of wool.

T&R set out to support the New Zealand strong-wool market and introduce a new woollen product to commercial interiors. Wool has the ability to work acoustically and mediate the interior environment by its unique and inherent ability to regulate temperature; both excellent properties for busy workspaces.

Timeline of T&R, wool and Floc Acoustic Panel.


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