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Born from responsibility.

Advocating for change in our industry towards regenerative design practices.

The future is wool.

Floc offers an innovative, fresh use for New Zealand wool.

The benefits of wool create Floc’s well rounded approach to enhancing interior environments. Whether that be in commercial work environments or education spaces- bringing wool into interiors is exemplary.

Born through extensive testing, it’s worth the wait.

Floc has been developed around the natural, forgiving attributes of wool, with some tweaking to make it even more exceptional as an interior solution.

By selecting fibres which encompass our sought after performance, we produce a wall covering that is strong, purer white, less fluffy, and durable. The fibrous nature of wool lends itself perfectly to an acoustic application. The fibres break up unwanted sound and help to control reverberation time. The ability of wool to regulate temperature and humidity create a more comfortable interior environment.

We have refined and developed Floc to meet increased fire performance, enhancing it’s simple nature. Despite the common conception that ‘wool doesn’t burn’, its raw performance in interior fire tests is less than desirable. With some clever additions, we have enhanced the natural properties of wool to increase the fire performance and meet New Zealand Building Code standards.

Responsible Fibres.

Our product which improves fire performance is added to the wool, though does not comprise it’s ability to be organically recycled.

Floc supports the benefits this natural material provides for the interior market.

Research from Nagao Shoji KK and Campaign for Wool NZ confirms the biodegradable nature of wool. After 4 months buried in soil, wool noticeably progressed into a looser fiber, which starts the decomposing process.

The Goodness of Wool.