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100% grown and manufactured in New Zealand.

Floc is a responsible and contemporary choice for commercial and workplace environments, using the clever properties of wool.

Our Story

To provide world leading wool acoustic products, Floc harnesses the strength, resilience and innovative nature of this natural fibre. Committed to supplying a responsible wall lining product, a rigorous research and development program ensures we are bringing the goodness of Aotearoa New Zealand to the interior market.

Strong-wool makes up 90% of New Zealand’s sheep fleeces, while not as favorable as their merino cousins for clothing, strong-wool holds the perfect characteristics and fibre quality for an interior application.


For the welfare of sheep, shearing is the process of removing the fleece, which occurs at least once a year. For this reason, wool is truly renewable.


Floc fibres are scoured by Woolworks who produce the cleanest processed wool in the world.


Carding is the mechanical process that opens then woollen fibres, untangling them before they can be used for spinning and felting.


Needling creates the strong, durable and resilient sheets that will form world leading, innovative and responsible woollen acoustic panels.

Fire treatment

We are committed to safer, responsible interior products and have dedicated specific research and development to meet New Zealand fire standards.


Pressing the wool is the final process of bringing Floc 3D to fruition. Providing a range of patterns which allow you to be creative with it’s application in your space.

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The Goodness of Wool