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Floc Cloud

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Material: New Zealand strong-wool, 80% recycled glasswool.
Sizes: 2200 x 1200, 1200x 1200 (other sizes available on indent)
Thickness: 40 mm
Weight: 4.8 kg/m
Available in a range of colours, contact your consultant for more information.
Custom digital printing: Provide your own vector file or photograph.
Fire Performance: Group 1-S
Acoustic absorption: NRC 0.95

Floc Cloud is a 40mm wool-wrapped glasswool acoustic ceiling or wall panel. Floc Cloud reaches an NRC of 0.95,making it an excellent choice for spaces that require high quality acoustic treatment. Floc Cloud is available in a range of natural colours with the option to print your own creative graphics or photography onto the panel.

Floc Cloud is suitable for cafes, restaurants, offices, boardrooms, classrooms and as a retrofit solution to reduce reverberation time in most commercial and education spaces. An architecturally attractive and acoustically effective design solution.

With easy installation, it is suitable to use below an existing ceiling or as wall panels. Floc Cloud is ideally used where there is no acoustic ceiling.

Extensive research has gone into developing a wool product that meets fire regulations for interior linings. The solution gives a Group 1-S (according to ISO 5660 Part 1) performance and doesn't use nasty chemicals.

Using Floc Cloud isa renewable, biodegradable choice which provides natural air filtering, heat and moisture regulating properties. It is also a by-product of ethical farming practices in New Zealand which ensures the supply of quality strong-wool. Floc Cloud is Red List free and can be buried at end of life.

Floc Cloud

Floc Cloud

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